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Brighten up your home with some beautiful artwork from Kenya!  FREE SHIPPING!

Morning Hunting Party

NZD$50.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 65x43cm...

Market Women at Sunrise

NZD$50.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 65x43cm...

Hunting party

NZD$50.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 65x43cm...

Khanga Dancers

NZD$45.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 58x40cm...

Nyatiti player

NZD$50.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 65x43cm...

Turkana Child

NZD$70.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 57 x 49cm...

Head of Young Maasai Boy

NZD$70.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 55 x 42cm...

Three Maasai Girls

NZD$60.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 50 x 35cm...


NZD$80.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 60 x 45cm...

Elephant under the Acacia Tree

NZD$25.00 inc GST

Dimensions: 35x25cm...


We are passionate about the beautiful and unique artwork that comes out of Africa and while our focus is on artwork for kids rooms, we also have a range of paintings that would look great in any room of your house.  Check out our Paintings and Kenyan Batiks pages.

Stored in New Zealand for fast delivery both locally and worldwide.

All of our paintings and batiks are stored in Auckland so we can ensure quick delivery to anywhere in New Zealand as well as anywhere in the world.

No hidden costs - shipping, packaging, GST inclusive

All prices are shown in New Zealand dollars and include GST, packing and shipping to anywhere in  New Zealand, so you'll never be surprised by unexpected additional costs.

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